Portfolio of Thomas Jacobs | Fundamental Elements of Yogic Thought
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Fundamental Elements of Yogic Thought

A project in which I conducted an in-depth exploration into yoga. In the West we tend to look at yoga as a set of physical postures and exercises that help to improve one’s health. Although this is true, it is only partial to the totality of yoga. The project aimed to delve deeper into the philosophy that underpins it.


Through my research, findings and experimentation, I became familiar with the visual representations that surround the subject. This highlighted many clichés in regards to imagery – I found that meaning was lost in the overuse of certain visual metaphors.

I was inspired to approach my own design in a modern and experimental manner, bringing much attention to composition, typography and whitespace. This allowed me to represent ancient ideas in a fresh way, communicating them from a different angle to a modern audience.